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Tuesday, February 28 2017

Coyt Johnston and Susan Byrom escape elimination on Race to the Altar

EntertainmentWhen I first heard about Race to the Altar I thought it would be well, a race. Not only is it not a race, it’s about as boring as it gets in the realm of reality. Read more if you must. Basically Lisa Dergen of Playboy fame is hosting what she calls a blend of The Newlywed Game and Fear Factor. I call it a mix of Dumb and Dumber, without the comedy. For the record, they bring in eight engaged couples to compete for a fantasy wedding. In physical and mental competitions, two power couples win the right to eliminate another couple. Over the first six competitions, the students from Dallas Coyt Johnson and Susan Byrom pulled down four wins and put out the lights on three other couples.

First they ditched Jessica Coughlin and Scott Milan, who I know nothing about because I missed most of that episode. I did see the ending where Coyt lied by calling the elimination “random”. Next to go were Becca Fuhrmann and Andy Murillo from San Antonio, in a move that threw Andy for a loop. He proceeded to tell each other couple to “watch their back” about three times each. Watch your back? This is a lame reality TV show guy, not the mean streets of Detroit. Go back to your posh country club and teach some old lady how to hit a backhand.

The final team they ditched was sales manager April Guzzi and real estate agent Vinny Piazza from Dobbs Perry, New Jersey. Do you think maybe this guy is Italian? I better not say any more, he might FedEx me an ear.

This past week the power finally escaped Coyt and Susan. The physical power couple was computer engineer Cindy Aguidelo of San Jose and consultant Chris Arnold of Danville, California which I hear is a nice place to grow up. The mental winner was Tonya Mattox of Raleigh, North Carolina and Andree Taylor of Endicott, New York. Ultimately, Chris suggested that since Coyt and Susan had kept them three times that they should return the favor. Instead they ditched Grace Naverette and Robert Ramirez Jr. of San Antonio. I That meant that urologist Carolyn Daniels and chiropractor Ethan Langford of Haddonfield, New Jersey to join the final four.

My question is just how extensive their search for contestants was. Three couples from Jersey or New York, another three couples from Texas. Where are the folks from Idaho or North Dakota? For another opinion on the show click here and I think I’m done for now.

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